What is Biltong?

Biltong originated in South Africa when people
needed stocks of durable food as they migrated from the Cape Colony north and north-eastward (away from British rule) into the interior of Southern Africa during the Great Trek. (Big migration).
The meat was prepared with vinegar and spices then hung to be air-dried and wrapped in cloth for best taste and freshness.
I prepare all of our products in my commercial kitchen in Winnipeg using the most popular spice mixes for optimal taste.
You will find notes of coriander seed, salt and pepper and perhaps most of all, be reminded of a good steak.
Because the preparation method is so different to Jerky (smoked and heat dried), you will find Biltong to be less dry, more juicy and packed with great beef flavour.
Ask any South African and they will tell you that Biltong is the best thing ever and Jerky simply can't come close. 
I would love for you to experience the great taste. It goes well with salads, in soups, but best as a high protein healthy snack by itself. Kids will love it as well.
Thank you for visiting my store and I look forward to meeting you when I come do your delivery.